We have the pleasure to welcome you warmly in our Holiday cottage to Endigo and wish you it a pleasant stay. We drafted some rules of internal order so that your stay is made a success.

Arrival and departure

All of our stays last at least 2 days. The arrival time is planned between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm. For the departure, we ask you to leave the Holiday cottage (Shelter) Endigo for maximum 5:00 pm.
In case of delay of your arrival, thank you for warning the owner of the Holiday cottage Endigo in 0479/549244.

Capacity of the holiday cottage

The Holiday cottage to Endigo is fitted out to accommodate 8 people maximum.

Inventory and functioning of the various equipments

An inventory of the equipment of the Holiday cottage Endigo will be given to the tenants from their arrival. This one must be signed by both parts to show the state of the rented property and its equipments. The tenant will watch to restore the property as he was upon his/her arrival.
He answers of any loss or damage. If you notice differences or anomalies with our inventory, thank you for indicating it to us, at the latest at 10:00 am, the day after the day of your arrival.
An inventory will be available in the folder welcome(reception). Furthermore, a guide of functioning will be also at your disposal next to the sauna and the Jacuzzi.

Maintenance and cleanliness of the holiday cottage

Upon your arrival, the holiday cottage will be in a state of cleanliness and maximum comfort. The cleaning is included in the price of the rent. However, we ask you to put back the holiday cottage as it was during your arrival.
Concerning household waste, trash cans will be provided you with. In case you would be prevented from putting your garbage on TUESDAYS after 6:00 pm, we ask you to be willing to deposit them in containers planned for that purpose.
It is forbidden to put garbage in front of the villa outside TUESDAY EVENING.
Domestic trash can: black bags - Trash can PMC: bags blue(bruise) - trash can PAPERS: PAPER / CARDBOARD.

Jacuzzi / Sauna

The Jacuzzi can welcome 4 people. The sauna, as for him, is accessible for a capacity of 5 people. The regulation of devices was made, we thus ask you not to unsettle these.
To maintain a good hygiene in the space well-being, watch to take a shower before every moment of relaxation. As for the sauna, we ask you to sit down on your towel, not to go into the sauna with your shoes, slippers.

Outside pond

It is forbidden to bathe in the pond being in the garden. Do not feed fishes, throw nothing in the pond. The tenant is responsible for surveillance towards the people who occupy the holiday cottage.

Bedding / towels of bath

The bedding will be at your disposal within the Holiday cottage Endigo. The including pack one towel of bath, two middel towels and two wash gloves (a person) can be at your disposal for a 10-euro supplement a person.

Fire alarm

The holiday cottage equipped with smoke detectors. He is non-smoking. For safety reasons and for the well-being of each, please not throw your cigarette ends of cigarette on the ground, ashtrays are placed outside near the terrace, in front and behind the holiday cottage.

Open fire

The open fire is for exclusive use of fire of atmosphere. It is forbidden to make to it a barbecue: an outside barbecue is planned for that purpose. We ask you to clean it before your departure in case of use.

Technical problems

If during your stay, you have the one or the other technical problem, watch to get in touch with your hosts in the number following 0479/549244.

If one of these points is not respected, a contribution to costs of compensation will be of application.